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Business Plans

Expert business plan writing services:



What our business plan writers do?

Whatever stage your business is at, a comprehensive strategic business plan is always your corporate operational guide; a tool to measure your progress; a compass in your business journey, and also a basis for evaluating the viability of your proposal. We create a business plan that includes everything a banker, investor or government may require in order to make a financial decision.


There are three things your business plan should accomplish:

  • Help you to get the funding you need
  • Focus all your resources and efforts to reach your company goals
  • Act as a map in your way to success


There aren’t two identical business plans: each one is unique and customized for your business. However, the structure of it is more or less standardized and normally consists of 10 sections:

  • Vision, Mission & Objectives
  • Company / Business Overview
  • Products / Services
  • Industry Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management, Staffing &
    Organizational Structure
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Implementation Plan
  • Financial Plan (Financial Projections & Required Investment)
  • Risks & Exit Strategy


The business plan length depends on the complexity required, but should not exceed 50 pages. Even though, the annexes can be unlimited in sheer volume and may include all backup and supporting documents, tables and diagrams, copies of certificates and patents, illustrations and other relevant materials.

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