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Receivable Financing

For any small business, it is hard to get the required capital to ensure the business keeps on growing and all the cash shortages are met. When loans and credits get limited for any small business then the business owners may try out the accounts receivable financing.

In the accounts receivable financing, selling of the outstanding invoices or receivables at a discounted rate is done to a finance company or the lender. The lender assumes the risk on the receivables and supplies quick cash to meet the requirements of the business. The age of a receivable determines the amount of value to be assigned to a particular account. The current invoice will give more money. Any accounts receivable of more than 90 days generally do not get financed.
Benefits of the accounts receivable financing
The resources gets focused on some other productive activities e.g. selling, the working capital gets freed, quick financing can be obtained which is very helpful for the small business. What the expert business consultant of our company will help you in is to find out whether the account receivable financing is actually needed by your company or not. We will help you to investigate properly and inspect the contract forms and negotiate on the discount rate if your are opting for any such loan.