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Business Plan for Government

What is special about a business plan for Government?
Funding your business through government grants and loans can launch your business or take it to the next level.
Canadian Government helps entrepreneurs in many ways:

  • Grant is the ultimate goal for many businesses. Nothing could be better than free money. It is definitely worth focusing your efforts on getting this kind of funding.
  • Government loans usually carry better-than-average and low interest rates – even sometimes no interest. In case you don’t grow, the loan might be forgiven.
  • Government agencies are often able to help you connect with suppliers that you normally would not be able to have access to.
  • Some government programs help you to hire staff of all levels, because insufficient funding for hiring can be a big obstacle to the business growth.

A solid, thorough business plan will help you get money from the Government
What we focus on developing the business plan?

  • Our market analysts will perform a thorough research of industry and demographic trends, your competitors, target market, products/services strengths and weaknesses, prospect profiles and etc.., using a variety of databases, Statistic Canada and Census data.
  • Our experts will take sufficient time to thoroughly analyze your financial figures and prepare a cash flow, income statements and a balance sheet in accordance with the government requirements. They will also develop the 3-year financial projection tables.
  • We will also show that you acknowledge the risk and have plans to manage adverse situations.

How long it take us to write the business plan?
After we clarify and understand all aspects of your business concept, we are normally able to write a draft version of your business plan within 10-15 business days.